Friday, December 7, 2007

John’s Fallout Shelter

John’s Fallout Shelter is a state of the art analog/digital project studio available for recording, rehearsal and study. By using superior quality microphones and vintage analog tape recorders and digital recorders we capture the essence of each instrument. Musicians like the relaxed atmosphere and fast professional results. Our fully equipped room makes setup quick and easy saving you recording time and money. Professional photographic services are also supplied. Call (914) 741-6321 and leave a message. We’ll get back to you to discuss price and time availability.

We also offer 2hr-recording workshops for people interested in the art of recording and the workings of a project studio. You’ll learn about analog recording, microphone selection and placement, compression, equalization, digital effects and mix downs. Call (914) 741-6321 and leave a message.

Gear from:

* Alesis
* Soundcraft
* Neumann
* Fostex
* Empirical Labs
* Amek-Neve
* Kurzweil
* Tascam
* Hafler
* Lexicon
* Panasonic
* Roland
* Alesis
* Gibson
* Taylor
* Fender
* Ibanez
* Sure
* Pearl
* Mesa Boogie
* Marshall
* Audio-technica

Call 914-741-6321 and please leave your;

1. Phone number
2. A brief description of project
3. Number of band members

Thank you John Maier.

Very Important: If sending an e-mail please put “Recording studio” in the subject line.

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